The Glenwood State Bank opened August 16, 1899, when a group of local businessmen and farmers decided to create a safe place for the community to bank. Their foresight was apparent because over the next 35 years, many people, in many banks, lost all or part of their hard-earned savings. This founding group assumed the simple creed of developing a safe place to bank, while helping the community prosper and grow.

Glenwood is a great place to live! We have a first class school system, lake park, amphitheater, sports complex, golf course, recreational facilities and many other amenities that make it a perfect place to work and raise a family.

The Glenwood State Bank has been there through the good times and bad, through drought and flood, through war and peace. We are committed for the long term.

Call or visit us today. We are looking forward to working with you.