Open a Savings Account

Regular Savings Account

  • Minimum deposit to open $100.00
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Interest is paid monthly
  • Allows you six withdrawals per month

Kids Savings Program (Kids Count Too)

  • For kids from birth through 12 years of age
  • An account designed to help you teach your kids how to save.
  • Account can be opened with just $1.00

West Elementary Rams Savings Bank

  • Smart Kids Program used to teach our kids about banking
  • Glenwood State Bank matches first dollar deposited
  • Earns competitive interest rate
  • Bank is located at the school
  • Children learn fiscal responsibility and good savings habits

Holiday Savings Program

  • Make your holiday shopping or vacation season worry and debt free
  • Minimum deposit to open $10.00
  • Checks are issued the first week of November each year